Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finealy!!! the perfect mix of angst and serenity that provide as the muse for my ever needed release of words and feelings into the seemingly endless space and sometimes pointed nothing.
the pit in my stomach tells me that change is happening and it is welcomed, provided that i can hold the nothing at bay.
My hurts have hurt and taken opportunity and time where little of each exists. the much isulionary time that is constantly changing pace and presents to accommodate its own selfish end. along with healing scars from the past, it brings about entirely new wounds.
The nothing is rising and falling like the moon in the clouds. I scare it away, and then prepare to jump headlong into it. I know what it is, I've experienced it before. The fear of it is manageable although undesirable.
And then with some wise words, light is shown into the darkness. the nothing is reviled. entirely, or partly of my own making, it seems so small, when it's not up close. A puny midget of a fear, that loomed gigantic over my ever waking moment.
Just a few words that gave me the power to wage battle with my self, instead of the windmills i had been fighting, and realize Dulcinea need not be saved.
It's taken more then rain to wash thees sins. but they fall one by one.